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Model : HA-982R

HA-982R alarm control panel with 8 protection zones, which is designed for home and office protections using the latest security concept. Each system is built-in with data communicator and voice auto-dialer in one unit. When alarm occurs, it gives local alarm warnings as like the traditional alarm systems as well as sending out the alarm status information to the monitor station and voice message and/or personal pagers. As the system reports the alarm event through different media to the appropriate parties, which guarantees that no alarm reporting will be lost in an alarm event even one of the parties is not on duty. The HA-982R alarm control panel is fully compatible with the AEI's ''ALARM-MONITOR'' software which is an ideal tool in setting up an alarm monitor station for the small to medium size community, such as a monitor station the estate management office, the security control office of a commercial / resident building and even the police sub-station.

The HA-982R control panel is compatible with all kinds public telephone systems.





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1. Pulse Dialing with 3 Break Make Ratio Options    
2. Remote Arm -Disarm the Alarm System or Call for Status from Any DTMF    Telephone or Mobile Phone
3. Conditions for Sending Status Report from Communicator 
   - Alarm Occurs
   - System Status Change
   - Alarm System Armed
   - Alarm Sistem Disarmed
   - Periodic Report
   - Station or Authourized Party Call for Status
4. Auto-Dialer is programmable with voice message and numeric message for Auto-Pager Calling
5. 20 Seconds non-Volatile User Re-Programmable Voice Message
6. Controllable & Prolongable Listen-in Duration
7. Back-Up or Non-Back-up Dialing for Alarm Reporting
8. Automatic Faulty Telephone Line Detection at alarm Arm-Disarm Control
9. Programmable of Dialing Attempts or Dialing unitil the line is through for communicator, 8 attempts maximum
10. Programmable of recorded message repeats, 8 repeats maximun
11. Selection of communicator & dialer calling combinations
12. Periodic report interval time options
13. Telephone numbers in communicator & auto-dialer can be tested individually
14. Use the existing telephone line, no additional line is required
15. Compatible with all kinds of public telephone system & those PBX systems using standard telephone.



Alarm Control Panel Selection


  1. 8 zones, programmable for instant, delay 1 or 2, 24 hour instant or 24 hour silent alarm reporting
  2. Programmable Master Code, Client Code & 8 User Codes
  3. All user codes are with Duress Function
  4. Protection zones are programmable for single or multiple triggering for noise pollution regulations
  5. Programmable time for exit delay, entry delay 1 &2, and alarm duration
  6. Arm-Disarm by the on-board keypad or remotely from any DTMF telephone or mobile phone
  7. Programmable response time for each protection zones
  8. Arm-Disarm Ring Back Options
  9. Exit and entry beep enable-disable options
  10. Instant arming codes for home or away operation
  11. Built-in dynamic battery charger and tester
  12. Dynamic battery testing can be performed automatically daily or manually by the user anytime
  13. On board activation of panic and duress
  14. Remote keypad controlled system
  15. Able to take up to 3 remote keypads
  16. Store the habitually isolated zones in memory or manually set zone isolation are possible for home made operation.
  17. Home and away operations
  18. Forced to arm or arm prohibited options
  19. Instant-delay zones handover-non-handover operation options
  20. Connection facilities for iren/Bell, Satellite siren and store and store light
  21. Power low watchdog resets the system before battery exhausted
  22. Non-volatile memory
  23. Remote arm-disarm by conventional key-switch is possible, good for those people do not like codes
  24. Factory set full feature default values for ready use
  25. 12V 6.5 AH back-up battery
  26. Full memory for alarm event zone(s)
  27. Tamper-Proof
  28. Weight : Control Panel - 3.2kg. (Metal Box) Remote keypad - 130g. (Plastic Box)
  29. Dimension : Control Panel - 215(H) X 368(W) X 74(D)
  30. Remove keypad can be fitted in a 2-Gang Electrical Box
  31. Can interface with Linear Wireless receiver and accessories for arm/disarm, emergency & alarm protection zones.


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