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Model : COMEX SE 1

♦ More features
♦ New improved motor
♦ More advanced control panel
♦ More reliable with added stable operation
♦ With additional safety precautions

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TYPE: A torque limiting drive unit with D.C. motor, speed reducer and Nylon Bush, which grips between an output shaft and arm connected to a gate. The pressure exerted by the bush and the shaft is adjustable by radially tightening the bush with screws system.

Motor Voltage Rating

: 12-24V Direct Current, (D.C)

Power Consumption

: 25 watt pe Actuator

Motor Rated Load Speed

: 4200rpm

Insulation Resistance

: 1.5 mega ohm

Closing Speed (from 90° angle)

: 6 - 8sec

Max. Leaf Opening Angle

: 180°

Max. Leaf Weight Allowance

: 200kg

Driving Shaft

: Nickel chrome plated solid steel shaft


: Waterproof and rust resistance cast alloy

Trust Force

: =50kg

External Dimensions

: 255mm(L) x 240(W) x 125mm(H)

Actuator Arm & Bracket
TYPE : Nickel -crome plated mild steel
Bearing Serial : Fuji-10-3A
Arm Dimension : 485mm(L) x 25mm(W) x 5mm(H)

Transmitter And Receiver
TYPE: Battery-operated, crystal controlled frequency. Modulated radiowava.
2 Channel / Remote Control
Range : Effective-40m
Passcode : Set by 8x3 ways switches easilybaccessible and changed by owner
Battery : Under noral usage, a 12V battery should last 6 months
Case Size : 50mm(L) x 35mm(W) x 12mm(H)

UK PATENT NO: 2269428 B, MY PATENT NO: 110482-A

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